woensdag 12 oktober 2011

Freedom Hawk – Holding On

Freedom Hawk – Holding On
Small Stone – 2011
Rock, Stoner, Doom, Metal, Classic
Waardering: *****

On their third full-sized album the American freaks from Freedom Hawk once again pull out all the Black Sabbath stops available. And where most bands that try such a feat immediately go wrong, Freedom Hawk shows on their new record Holding On that they know how to do it right. Ofcourse thanks to guitarist/singer T.R.Morton who sounds an awful lot like Ozzy. But besides him we hear a new era Iommi in the form of guitarist Matt Cave. And where the band used to be compared a lot to Fu Manchu that resemblance has faded a bit. Gone are a lot of the groovy and lazy pieces and we are now treated to up-tempo driving arrangements and classic metal. Sure; we still get a few of those easy going influences but above all Holding On is a one of the most genuine and beautiful ode’s to the almighty riff released this year. Venomous soloing, mean drum pounding; grand in rhythm, structure and intent. ‘Looking for perfection…’ Morton sings in Nomad; and that is exactly what he found…

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