donderdag 1 september 2011

Redcoats – Redcoats

Redcoats – Redcoats
Universal/Island – 2011
Rock, Stoner, Sixties, Groove, Blues, Psychedelic
Waardering: *****

The Redcoats started out in Melbourne, Australia and the band consists of four friends who started out making the music they longed to hear on the radio but all stations refused to play. To write their songs they head out to the Australian outback and jam for hours on end deconstructing the recordings and puzzling out the best pieces to use for new songs. Their self-titled EP is therefor a very diverse yet very consistent piece of brilliance. Melodic rock with a lovely blues feel and a psychedelic shine that could have been directly stolen from the sixties. It fits snugly between the generally accepted alternative rock of radios and hazy, smoky stoner groove, which can only be heard in back alley bars and at every fellow freaks home. The vocalist with his high quivering and fluttering voice glides and films across the guitar licks like oil on water. The spirit of Zeppelin and Sabbath resides here; and whispers sweet secrets in their ear…

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