vrijdag 30 september 2011

Hermelin – Erzwo

Hermelin – Erzwo
Self released / 12Rec – 2011
Rock, Post, Ambient, Soundscape, Instrumental
Waardering: ****

The German guys from Hermelin could be used as the poster child for the DoItYourself principle. Not only do they record everything themselves, and self release the whole lot; they also design all the physical manifestations of the band. They print the cd’s themselves, spray paint them, label them and pocket them into handmade boxes. Started in the year 2001 under the name Soaked In Red as an alternative rockband they quickly developed into a postrock formation of great excellence after changing their name to Hermelin. For where a lot of these kind of bands seem to lose themselves too much in endless soundscape compositions; Hermelin shows on their new record Erzwo that they know exactly when to shift to second gear or change the blue sky in an ominous looking thunderstorm. On those moments their earlier alternative rockroots shine through; but during the rest of the atmospheric imagery and delicately woven pieces we can also hear the adventurous spirit of the four gentlemen. Nowhere does it become too dreamy, easy of ethereal; and always does it feel like surprise is spying on you and waiting for the right moment. Hats off!

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