vrijdag 12 augustus 2011

Screaming Trees – Last Words: The Final Recordings

Screaming Trees – Last Words: The Final Recordings
Sunyata – 2011
Rock, Grunge
Waardering: ***

Last Words: The Final Recordings is a collection of previous unreleased material through proper channels of alternative rock formation Screaming Trees. Most of this was ofcourse already in the possession of fans via the Old Growth album from 1999 and other b-sides collections floating around the Internet. The added value of this release is ofcourse the wonderful sound produced by Jack Endino and Barrett Martin. Most of the songs were recorded in Stone Gossard’s studio in the years of 98/99 and therefor also carry the guitarsound of Josh Homme and Peter Buck on certain songs. Though not very expressive, striking or convincing; like most of the songs on the album. They meander slowly and seem to be the perfect all telling epitaph for a band whose creative juices had just stopped flowing. Ofcourse we hear once again a brilliant Lanegan and on occasion smashing sounds; but to put three different ‘Dying Days’ on one record seems a bit much and redundant. Lovely record; but in the end the band leaves us once again without a fitting blast off. And we all know they were so much better than this…

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  1. A bit harsh! I think it's a wonderful album!

  2. Fair enough comment, the trouble with the Screaming Trees is that "Sweet Oblivion" was just so amazing, a perfect record that anything else is just slightly disappointing.
    Just re-release that every year, it's still better than most of the shit that gets released these days :)

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