woensdag 10 augustus 2011

Poseidotica - Cronicas del Futuro

Poseidotica - Cronicas del Futuro
Aquatalan Records – 2011
Rock, Space, Pyschedelic, Stoner
Waardering: ***

The instrumental quartet Poseidotica hails from Buenos Aires, Argentina and was formed in the pivotal year of 2001. Their goal: to create new musical landscapes in the hard rock genre where every single ingredient is part of a larger concept where different climates and dark atmospheres take the listener out on a psychedelic adventure filled with contrasts; from pure moments of bliss and relaxation to excerpts of total inevitable fury. That’s quite a big mouthful. But the amigo’s had no difficulty filling those words on their two earlier albums. Though on their new record Cronicas Del Futuro they seemed to have exchanged their elaborate tales for short twitter poetry. Clear and intensely precise; but a little less adventurous. But then again; it does work wonders for their futuristic concept about the digital future…

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  1. Great album, but indeed less elaborate as their earlier two.

  2. New link found... And the old one still works; but you need to replace the first three signs/letters with a question mark...

    (%3F = ?)