maandag 8 augustus 2011

Milkmaids – Up In Smoke

Milkmaids – Up In Smoke
Self released – 2011
Waardering: ****

Hailing from the lovely city of Sydney these Australian Milkmaids are comprised out of four gentlemen who carry out their love for Palm Desert stoner with excellence. Those earthy dark and low tones from the desert are the ones that rein and follow the groove from the old masters. And the focus lies entirely with their music and not as much on the vocals; cause even though the singer reminds you on some moments of a young Garcia and the begin days of Kyuss, the are mostly just not completely there, in the moment and mostly sober and austere. Musically speaking though everything stands true and we are treated to nasty solo’s, incredible riffing, heavy basswork and animalistic drums; especially there were they explode like crazy or follow old rock ’n roll patterns. Milkmaids; for you daily dose of stonercalcium!

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