donderdag 11 augustus 2011

Maligno – The Funeral Domine

Maligno – The Funeral Domine
Self released – 2011
Metal, Stoner, Doom, Rock
Waardering: ****

The third album by the Mexican doomrockers Maligno appeared online in April of this year and has since found it’s way to a multitude of followers across the globe. After two already massive albums which reminded of Sabbath; in most part because of the vocals. Their third record The Funeral Domine is a huge step forward. More own sound; once again hugely thanks to singer Luis Barjou who sounds less like Ozzy and much more furious and powerful now. Without losing a bit of their original groove they continue along a metal avenue with a hefty dose of doom elements and a grain of stoner salt like only the best can. And they receive some unexpected aid from folkduo Rodrigo Y Gabriella who play along on the song Coffin of Dreams; but instead of taking the duo on a Maligno tour; the band takes a trip down the acoustic Mexican folk lane. (They ofcourse know each other through trashmetalband Terra Acida.) And Testament’s Alex Skolnick also plays along, almost inaudible, on the track Solstice. But all this is just a little gravy to an already tasty dish; cause The Funeral Domine is hefty metal with a bag full of matching solo’s and a suitcase full of heavy riffs. This Maligno is some tasty stuff!

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