donderdag 14 juli 2011

June Deville – Swan Songs of The Coyote

June Deville – Swan Songs of The Coyote
Self released – 2011
Rock, Grunge, Stoner, Punk
Waardering: ****

June Deville was founded somewhere in a dusty little shack covered with graffiti and with just an old rusty can of fire to keep one warm in Switzerland in the foul year of our lord 2007; and they haven’t split up yet. And they are that most wondrous of bands; a three piece rock outfit that seems to be able to make more melodic racket than most seven piece metal groups. With a steady bass they are able to weave and wonder across various musical plains without ever getting lost. With tons of enthusiasm, a wicked amount of humor and the tendency to abuse every genre from classic rock, blues, stoner and punk to metal, grunge and glam these guys have provided us with a beautiful second album called Swan Songs of The Coyote. It’s hard hitting and in some moments overwhelming and overpowering; the sheer amount of musical prowess and believe in the good stuff. That earnest love for the riff, the rhythm and pure rock. It’s heavy, it’s gritty and it’s incredibly slick; like a distant growing rumble over a landscape filled with rubble. And with a haunting voice and a master’s eye for lyrics June Deville has most certainly passed the crossroads and already sold their soul. And by the fact I was captivated from the first till the last note; I reckon the Devil gave them a good deal…


So head on over to their homepage, where you can download their albums for free and make a donation to keep these guys from splitting up. Cause they haven’t split up… Yet…

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  1. Yeah! Super album! And very nice website... Will this be the way music will be spread in the future? I mean; over here a lot of musicstores are closing.