dinsdag 26 juli 2011

Ironweed – Your World of Tomorrow

Ironweed – Your World of Tomorrow
Small Stone – 2011
Rock, Stoner, Metal, Grunge, Alternative
Waardering: ****

The New York formation Ironweed have just delivered their sophomore album Your World Of Tomorrow and with it their new orgasmic mix or old skool metal, sludge, grunge and stoner. Where their first record Indian Ladder had the tendency to bob along a little bit to leisurely on that seventies feeling; with this record they seem to want to create their own private niche. On occasion the sound we know from their first album shines through but with much more passion and conviction. In true concept fashion the album tells the tale of a utopian society in a distant future; or is it the dystopian present one? A wonderful tapestry of styles, riffage, tempo changes and different vocal-lines is the result. And everything more furious, more eccentric and distinct. Apparently the changes in line-up have only done good things for their creativity and diversity. Your World Of Tomorrow; outlandish and lovely in all its complexity!

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