dinsdag 5 juli 2011

Easy Trigger – On And On

Easy Trigger – On And On
Self released – 2011
Waardering: ***

The once again from the Nijmegen region of Holland hailing Easy Trigger started their rock adventure in the summer of 2009. And only a year later with their fourth live performance ever they won a regional competition. With the grand price of studio time in their pocket they started recording their EP Good To Know. Three easy listenable rock tunes which could be seen as the amusing and uncomplicated brother of Queens of The Stone Age and Foo Fighters. Now there’s the follow-up in the form of their eight songs counting record On And On. An easy digestible rock album that rubs against stoner on occasion but mostly gravitates towards that typical American version of rock. The kind which sees Foo Fighters as the raw representative and always opts for sing-a-longs. The production is on the thin side now and again, but this makes the band sound poppy, punky and very suitable for these light summer days. Besides that many of the riffs grab you by the collar, the melodies make you dance and the different voices show an abundance of possibilities. Wide, grand but also rugged and tight. Maybe just a tad more dirt, sleaze or rawness next time around and then there will be no stopping Easy Trigger from conquering the Dutch rockcrown…

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  1. Good first try. Though their EP might have been better. A bit weird though they added that hiphop crossover track they recorded with Discipline for project in Nijmegen a year earlier as their eight track.