donderdag 19 mei 2011

Soulwax – Leave The Story Untold

Soulwax – Leave The Story Untold
PIAS – 1996
Rock, Alternative, Post-Grunge
Waardering: ****

Another Belgian connection to the legendary Rancho De La Luna studios comes from a band that has not actually set foot in the studios. For it did not exist yet. Belgian born Soulwax recorded their 1996 album Leave The Story Untold with the help of master alchemistic producer Chris Goss in his Monkey Studios, which at the time still existed. It was also the studio where the Kyuss freaks hung out a lot and the first album of Queens of The Stone Age was done. On a sidenote; the studio still exists and was bought by a huge fan of Goss who might be turning it into some kind of museum some day. Since Goss has that magical something, that alchemistic glint in his eyes; all the other producers, mixers and studio ground covered by the Soulwax gang was begotten for only a small portion of the normal price. Sound City studios was again one of the studios visited. And with their razor-sharp guitar and jumping rhythm section we get dragged along on savage melodies with enchanting melodies. With dashes of Black Crowes and a definite love for pop the album features a collection of beautiful and intense rock songs with roots in the American scene of seventies electric blues bands to which Soulwax added their love for contrasting atmospheres, odd combinations of rhythms and lyrical imagery. With their music they manage to float from postgrunge, to metal and middle of the road pop; without turning into a pastiche or a clown with long pointy shoes…

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  1. Has some good stuff on it. But also sounds pretty much all over the place.