woensdag 11 mei 2011

Post Stardom Depression – Sexual Uno

Post Stardom Depression – Sexual Uno
Will Records – 2000
Rock, Garage, Grunge, Retro, Space, Hard
Waardering: ****

Today’s Rancho De La Luna post is a band that got drafted to go on tour with Queens of The Stone Age after playing only nine live shows. Without a demo and looking to record a few songs Josh suggested they’d go see Chris Goss and enter the Rancho. And Post Stardom Depression did just that. Their songs are diverse and flit between metal, blues, soul, post-grunge, and hard rock. Time changes, interesting arrangements, and Jefferson Angell's vocals, which are dark and moody, but also soulful and bluesy, color the band's debut EP Sexual Uno. Angell is a captivating frontperson whose voice is an unusual blend of Joe Cocker, Chris Robinson, Mark Lanegan, Ian Astbury and Scott Stapp of Creed. The theme of this recording focuses on the chasing down of a female muse, which translates into lyrics that paint pictures of self-deprecation, lust, longing, and superficiality. “Drown in a Dream” and “Suntan Lotion” are the two shining moments of the set and best demonstrate this theme. The first boasts music that is cynically dark and creeping, while the latter resembles an alternative Southern rock number. With all of these varying elements, Post Stardom Depression still has to carve out a defining sound for themselves, however. Sexual Uno is a display of musicians in progress -- and they are so close to being -there-, too. The band possesses plenty of winning qualities -- provocative lyrics, interesting music, and a dynamic lead singer -- that poise Post Stardom Depression for future success. The next order of business for them should be to polish off their act. If they do that, subsequent works promise to be quite impressive. Post Stardom Depression could have had some winning albums in their future. Unfortunately the 2003 album Ordinary Miracles which also featured some Chris Goss produced songs although most of it was done by Jack Endino and the 2005 Prime Time Looks A Lot Like Amateur Night record were the last we would ever hear. For they called it quits; the jig was up - for good. Post Stardom Depression officially broke up in 2007, following a show at the Sunset - leaving a gas trail of sex-drenched rock, dysfunction and unrealized potential behind them. Two of the members are now currently working on a project called The Missionary Position; which sounds promising to say the least.

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