woensdag 25 mei 2011

Outrage – Cause For Pause

Outrage – Cause For Pause
JVC – 2004
Stoner, Thrash, Metal
Waardering: ****

On this lovely Wednesday in the year of our lord 2011; while the sun is out giving us once again a briljant spring day we will visit the land of the setting sun. Yes; for todays addition to the Rancho De La Luna month comes from the land struck by earthquakes and nuclear meltdowns in recent history. We are talking about Outrage. And old Japanese metal band that had its first release in the mid eighties. Formed in 1983 as a fourpiece the band started out playing mostly NWOBHW covers before making their own kind of metal. The band has made a dramatic shift over the years from sounding like classic Metallica-esque thrash metal to a more hardcore originated sound. Very aggressive and heavely influenced by punk icons Ramones. The album Cause For Pause is no different; except that it adds a dash of stoner to the mix and by then the band had been stripped down to a trio. After this album however the singer that left in 1998 returns because of the 25th anniversary of the band and since then they have released a new; their tenth, full-sized, self titled album. Cause For Pause was recorded in december 2003 for a complete month at the Rancho and not only features twelve hard driving kick ass songs. It also sports a videoclip of the song Deadbeat recorded at the Joshua Tree park and around the Rancho. And features a short documentary called The Funny Days In Joshua Tree. A lot of other Rancho buddies delivered their arts for the album. Tony Mason and Bingo did most of the recodring. Billy Bizeau most of mastering. John Pirozzi shot the Deadbeat video and Martin Cox did the photo’s. Weirdest song might be the cover version of The Who’s I Can See For Miles. They are clearly singing it phonetically. But the band and the friends they brought along were blown away by the Rancho and the surrounding area; and the endless views. Hence the cover. Or as KK said: “Luna has changed my notion of time and space…”


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  1. Has some great moments. Though the bassplayer who sung on this record isn't the best of vocalist on certain times.