donderdag 26 mei 2011

Misdemeanor – Five Wheel Drive

Misdemeanor – Five Wheel Drive
Meteorcity – 1999
Stoner, Punk, Garage
Waardering: ****

Today we visit the country where all the women are beautiful, the air sweet, the water in the lakes pure and the fish taste like pure gold. I am ofcourse referring to a lovely little place called Sweden. Cause for today's Rancho De La Luna month post we celebrate the fact that the Rancho had the pleasure of welcoming no less than five Swedish females into the house. No wonder that without any hesitation or a moment pause Brant Bjork and John Garcia came running to join in with the sessions and recording. Garcia even sings backup vocals on the last track. And I guess everyone will probably know Misdemeanor and their Five Wheel Drive EP from 1999; but still, everything worth doing, is worth doing right; so it had to be dealt with. It also features Fred Drake on keyboards and besides cooking Dave Catching also helped in on the production side. Misdemeanor recorded the album in three days back in February 1998. They were actually on a holiday tour across America and stopped to visit their friends from Kyuss and Fu Manchu. Brant was the one that convinced them to take three days out of their schedule to record. And as Vera stated: “Warming your vocal chords in the sun besides an amazing array of cactuses is one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.” Jenny, Mia and Jempa founded the band in 1992 with another guitar player and a never-ending search for a vocalist. But in 1994 they found Vera and with Vera came hang-around Sara that soon picked up the second guitar they needed. Their mixture of retro like rock music, that punk soul and a grunge sauce gets a little more of a stoner treatment on this EP. It’s what they themselves want to refer to as Sabbath-Punk. And I can only agree…

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  1. Yeah! Fun stuff! To bad it's only four songs.
    Anyway. Here's the link as always!