vrijdag 27 mei 2011

Farflung – A Wound In Eternity

Farflung – A Wound In Eternity
Meteor City – 2008
Stoner, Space, Psychedelic
Waardering: *****

Today’s post for the Rancho De La Luna month is a different one than initially planned; due to the fact that our bass player has borrowed the record which was planned for today and apparently has not returned it yet and I had totally forgotten that fact. So; henceforth we delve into the brilliant universe of Farflung! And although most of everyone out there will also know about this one; I guess this is something that needs to be done as well. For it is a true diamond! Founded originally in 1992 as Helianthus the band went to quite some line-up changes the first two years before settling on the way better and superb name of Farflung in 1994. A year later they released their first full-sized album 25,000 Feet Per Second. Many years and a couple of albums follow until releasing the 9 Pin Body album in 2002; going on a European tour with Earthlings? and deciding to take a break. What followed was the forming a few other projects among which Suns Lungs featuring members of Farflung, Nels Kline Trio, and Bluebird. And in 2007 the guys get back together and are invited by Dave Catching to record their new album and genuine masterpiece A Wound In Eternity at the Rancho De La Luna. “The vibe in the desert is always right and at Rancho the cosmos began to fall into place. We recorded a bunch of jams but the track silver shrimps hit the mark for us. That was the first one we truly completed in about 4 years.” Said Tommy Grenas. Recorded during various recording sessions at the Rancho and finished at their own studio it marks the return of Farflung and a successful tour in Europe together with WhiteHills and a brilliant show at Roadburn followed. They were supposed to play at the Baroeg in Rotterdamn, Holland tonight; but I believe the show got cancelled. Which is a shame; but I already knew I could not have gone since I have to attend an Amplifier show. But enough useless banter; it’s Farflung time! So let’s take a ride into A Wound In Eternity!

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  1. Absolute smashing album! Met them guys on Roadburn. Golden fella's!