vrijdag 6 mei 2011

Earthlings? – Earthlings?

Earthlings? – Earthlings?
Man’s Ruin / Crippled Dick HotWax – 1998
Rock, Space, Psychedelic, Electric, Ambient
Waardering: ****

Everyone will surely be familiar with Earthlings? but I still felt that something had to be said about this band. For it is the first official group both Dave Catching and Fred Drake were a part of. It also features Pete Stahl who we all know from bands like Wool, Scream, Orquesta Del Desierto and Goatsnake. And on this first record Dave Grohl, Scott Reeder, Victoria Williams, Matina Topley-Bird, Adam Maples, Robert Butler, Tony Mason, Kat, Billy Bizeau, Dave Linn and Esther Swart also join in. Esther Swart provides the second Dutch connection to the Rancho De La Luna. For she is responsible for the Dutch murmur on the song The Dreaded Lovelies. The first one will be addressed in a different post. Earthlings? is also the first release that celebrated all the ‘faulty’ broken equipment lounging around in the Rancho. The result is an ambient mood album that washes over you like a spring tide. That full moon sound that cleanses, makes you float and produces synergism with all around...

Dave Catching at an Earthlings? show at Pappy & Harriets 2010-09-25

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  1. Yes very good album. All of their stuff is brilliant!