maandag 30 mei 2011

Bluebird – Blue Bird EP

Bluebird – Blue Bird EP
Revelation – 1997
Rock, Pop, Psychedelica, Garage, Stoner, Jazz
Waardering: ****

As we approach the end of this Rancho De La Luna month we are pleased to inform that the record has been returned and we can share this absolute gem. Bluebird was founded when bassist/trumpet player/vocalist Jim Brown and drummer/percussionist/vocalist Bryan Lee Brown where still kids. The Brown brothers began playing together back then just to pass the time, and eventually ended up performing as an improv-rhythm duo in Los Angeles in the mid-'90s. Vocalist/percussionist Sam James Velde and guitarist Barry Thomas, an old friend, joined the Browns and added a little more structure to their still-spontaneous performances. The group edged toward becoming a full-fledged band, and Bluebird's mix of psychedelic heaviness and pop melodicism made its recorded debut in 1997 with a self-titled, six-song EP released on Revelation; the following year, they delivered High Atmosphere for Lovitt. In 2000, the band found a fifth member in Shelby Cinca, formerly of Frodus, who arrived just in time to help record Bluebird's full-length debut, The Two, which was released later that year. Cinca left and was replaced by guitarist/vocalist Paul Figueroa before the band recorded its second album, Hot Blood, which arrived in late 2002 on Dim Mak. In 2003, the band issued a split EP with Dead Meadow courtesy of Buddyhead magazine, as well as the Black Presence EP, which was released by Dopamine. The band returned to Dim Mak for the Falling Back to Earth EP, which came out in 2004. But today we only pay homage to the self-titled EP from 1997. Recorded at the Rancho De La Luna at the end of 1996 with help from Dave Catching who also joined in for Black Presence and with production and mix assistance by Scott Reeder the EP sports a heavy but poppy sound that is free in form recalls grunge and sometimes seemingly spins out of control. It’s High Energy Rock’N Roll that honors that time old jazz-adagio to let the musical spirit take you wherever it may lead... Buy the ticket...

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  1. Could not agree more! It also has a bit of that eighties wave that Wall Of Voodoo used to employ... Lovely!