vrijdag 18 februari 2011

One Inch Men – RED

One Inch Men – RED
Self released – 2006
Waardering: ***

Last feat of arms by the One Inch Men guys from Tilburg is the four songs EP called RED from 2006. The sound once again is more accurate to their live performance and much more metallic as previous EP’s. Plenty of aggression and a suitcase full of energy. So after this the waiting for a full-sized album could commence. But it will always in waiting. For even though the touring continued and the writing too; and even though there were some new recordings done in 2009 those recordings will never be released. One Inch Men gigs are now a thing of the past. Cause the band has decided to call it quits. Gerben and Mario have gone off into another direction and the three remaining members founded a new band called Blaine. And Blain will soon be releasing their first tones. We look forward to what they may bring…

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