maandag 31 januari 2011

Vanderbuyst – Vanderbuyst

Vanderbuyst – Vanderbuyst
Suburban – 2010
Waardering: ***

It is of course a damn freakin shame that the Dutch sensation Powervice wasn’t around for very long; but as all know; one’s demise is the other’s start. And from the ashes of what was Powervice rose no less then three damn good bands. We name a Hooghwater, The Devil’s Blood and now there’s Willem Vanderbuyst’s new group: Vanderbuyst. The name alone makes one think about those good old days when the hardrock bands were named after the main guitarplayer. Vandenberg, Vanhalen; glorious days of old. And now there is Vanderbuyst that makes you relive those awesome times of long wavy hair, intense riffing and endless guitarsolo’s. Selim Lemouchi of The Devil’s Blood stops by to deliver one of those solos’s on prize-song Tiger. Hell, just enjoy these authentic eighties and seventies hardrock songs and don’t dwell to long on the fact you cut your hair…

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