maandag 24 januari 2011

Dewolff – Orchards / Lupine

Dewolff – Orchards / Lupine
REMusic – 2011
Waardering: *****

After only the few first tones it is immediately clear that the three Dutch gentlemen of the band Dewolff mean business. Their second full length album Orchards / Lupine is not just the next album in a line of so many psychedelic retro rock albums; it is that typical seventies sound re-invented and pushed into a progressive gear several speeds lower than usually the case. This causes a calming, though inspiring listening experience. It makes you bob along on an endless rippling ocean of sound. Where rippling does not stand for uninteresting but for subtle and with endless finesse executed compositions. The psychedelic storm that rises on occasion through the form of guitar-explosions and organ-extravaganza intensifies the listening experience and gives the feeling of being part of an extraordinary adventure. And let’s not forget about the vocals and drums; cause there is not a fill too much and certainly not too little. The progression of singer Pablo van de Poel is incredible; his sound has become disarming, mature and pure. Orchards / Lupine is a grand album without the delusions that sometimes go with it…

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  1. Here's big ol' Bubba with the DeWolff link! What an album! Absolutely briliant!

  2. Nice band! They sound really good.

    Thanks for descovering these awesome bands.