vrijdag 5 november 2010

Mini Mansions – Mini Mansions

Mini Mansions – Mini Mansions
Rekords Rekords / Ipecac – 2010
Rock / Pop / Psychedelica
Waardering: ***

One of the two last added (and less appreciated) members of Queens of The Stone age has also founded a little hobby-group; and his is called: Mini Mansions. We are of course referring to Michael Shuman who at one point in time also played with Wires Of Fire and Jubilee. When Qotsa decided to take a break to find some new inspiration; Troy van Leeuwen went on to do his Sweethead thing and Josh Homme started with his fabled Them Crooked Vultures. And of course Shuman knew that idle hands are the devils playthings; so he founded together with two childhood friends his to the Beatles and Beach Boys referring band Mini Mansions. With help from Josh and his Pink Duck studio they recorded their self-titled album and blended the desert psychedelics with that of the sixties. The result is a worthy record that uses all the psychedelic colors of the rainbow to pain its songs with hooks and precision. Suddenly; you start viewing Mr. Shuman from an entirely different angle…

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