dinsdag 23 november 2010

Fill Bloom – All Things Go By

Fill Bloom – All Things Go By
Self released – 2010
Waardering: **

The five headed monster from Alkmaar, Netherlands is called Fill Bloom and released their demo ep No Kings last year which is now followed by the four songs counting All Things Go By. The numbers are right dead center of everything affiliated with stonerrock. It isn’t really original; but it floats and drives with massive speed on ramshackle drums and nifty riffs. Founded in 2008 by members of Carp. and Trunksleeve the bands sounds mostly like Fu Manchu, Queens of The Stone Age and Soundgarden who are just jamming around for fun. The top quality of those bands is never reached; but they will probably be topshelf on their next full-size album. You can hear that in superb songs like Beauty Seduces!

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