woensdag 6 oktober 2010

Gozu – Locust Season

Gozu – Locust Season
Small Stone / Bertus – 2010
Waardering: ****

Well; we can be short and sweet about this one: Gozu is incredible! Okay, let’s add a little bit of information then. The American born Gozu treated us to a wonderful piece of music back in 2008, but with their new album Locust Season we can write home to mommy or Santa Claus if that tickles yer fancy more. Testosterone stoner of the top shelf, a slightly less ingenious version of early Queens of The Stone Age, but not slightly less tasty. The straightforward muscle rock is unforgiving and rough. Add to this the powerful and diverse throat of singer Marc Gaffney and you are ready for a hardy kick under your Gozu!

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