woensdag 13 oktober 2010

Asylum On The Hill – Passage To The Puzzle Factory

Asylum On The Hill – Passage To The Puzzle Factory
Mine’s Bigger Than Yours / Suburban – 2010
Waardering: *****

Shamelessly praising a record all the way up to heaven is my forte; honoring my heroes my only goal. Even so; I will still always mention if the record is in fact as good as I claim it to be. Now that the album Passage To The Puzzle Factory of hero Dave Angstrom’s new band Asylum On The Hill has finally arrived; I can state without any sweat of my sack that it is even better then I had dared to dream! The humor and sheer fun of making the record crackles right through the speakers; nowhere do they take themselves too serious and it is obvious the guys are here to rock as hard as they can. Counting interludes and hidden tracks they do this rockin for eighteen songs on end. Danko ‘The Mango Kid’ Jones also drops by to do a soft little ditty on the song Last Ride and there are two calmer moments to enjoy. But otherwise we have an album that has logically been filled with grinding, steaming stonerrock, odd breaks, massive riffing, incredible drumwork and Dave’s versatile, emotional and overwhelming voice! You would almost start hoping that Hermano is now a thing of the past…

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