maandag 4 oktober 2010

Alain Johannes – Live at Lowands

Alain Johannes – Live at Lowands
Waardering: *****

Finally! A solo record of Alain Johannes is set to appear very soon. The potentate is mostly known by his work with Queens of The Stone Age and Them Crooked Vultures. But his career has already had many other high points. His first band Anthym featured members of what would become Red Hot Chili Peppers and with the love of his life he formed Eleven a bit later on. He worked with among others Chris Cornell, Silverchair, Puscifer, Arctic Monkeys, Spinnerette, Nosfell, Gutter Twins, Unkle, Mark Lanegan, Mondo Generator, Millionaire, Eagles of Death Metal and was part of the famed Desert Sessions. He is, if you will, part of the famous Rancho De La Luna studio furniture. Grieved by the loss of his love Natasha Shneider he started writing and writing. The result is the soon to be released album Spark. Which we was ‘ordered’ to record by his friends, even though he found it much to personal and therefor hard to do. During his performance on the Lowlands festival we were already treated to a few of those genuine sparks… Preciously fantastic and unbelievably pure!

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