woensdag 28 juli 2010

Asylum on The Hill – Passage To The Puzzlefactory

Asylum on The Hill – Passage To The Puzzlefactory
Mine’s Bigger Than Yours / Suburban – 2010
Waardering: ?

Last year we already reported on this; but now it has become reality. We all know hero Dave Angstrom from Hermano and Supafuzz. Besides those bands he has been a part of a multitude of other outfits of which Black Cat Bone, Candy Says and Devil May Care might be the best known. And now before the public is treated to another Hermano album; Dave has decided to conquer the world with his new band: Asylum on The Hill. And why not? Everything worth doing; is worth doing right. Completed by Supafuzz bassplayer Jason Groves, drummer Phil Kring from Jason’s new band Rosie Rose who in his turn used to play in a band called Lennon. Where he used to play together with axe-man JD Garner whom you might also know from The Dead Hours or all his guest-work with a truckload of other artists. The four of them have worked like animals to produce a beast of a record. And now; it is done. And somewhere in October the world will be blown away by monster bass-lines, devilish drums and almost unimaginable guitar-beauty. But until that time comes, until that magic moment in October we will have to make due with the trio of tracks provided to us as promo through their website. A solemn promise of the rock-anthems that are coming our way!

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