vrijdag 4 juni 2010

Zeus – 07

Zeus – 07
SixxKiller / Freebird – 2007
Waardering: ****

The guys from Zeus delivered their second album in the year of our Lord 2007. The aptly named 07 was recorded after an adventure in CBGB’s New York and a truckload of performances throughout the homecountry. The follow-up to the strong 2005 album Bad Signs was a logical one and continued down the same path. Sublime heavy rock that leans on grunge and stoner. This time however much more convincing and incorporating influences from stonerpop, doom, metal and funk. And great progression and one that made the listener long for a third record as well. Unfortunately the bassplayer decided to move to Switzerland in 2008 and it took a year to find a replacement. So when they started work on their third record a bit of the fire had disappeared and due to the busy schedules of all involved they decided to take a long break. Let’s hope they shall return; cause there is always a spot for an incredible band like this in the Lowlands…

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