maandag 8 maart 2010

Broken Teeth – Viva La Rock, Fantastico!

Broken Teeth – Viva La Rock, Fantastico!
Perris – 2010
Waardering: ****

A perfect combination between Aussie Pub Rock, NWOBHM and Sleazerock. That’s one way to introduce the new record Viva La Rock, Fantastico! of the American Broken Teeth to your buddies. Founded in 1999 by Jason McMaster and Paul Lidel of glam-metal sensation Dangerous Toys; they guys have delivered their fifth album. Jason is by the way the only surviving member of the original line-up and the man smells that there’s a revival of the pub/sleaze rock genre in the air; so the man sets a new standard! AC/DC and Rose Tattoo are obviously the main feudal lords; but they all tap into that magic that Motörhead and The Hellacopters do so well. Not too strange then that Danko Jones, self pronounced omniscient all-rounding rock-god and know it all of all good rock-outfits, joins in on a little tune. Fast and fuel burning loud the record trucks on and shows that the genre’s still have some great freakin music left untapped. No bullshit, just rock! You would almost think that the guys are secretly from Australia after all!

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