donderdag 11 maart 2010

Brant Bjork – Gods and Goddesses

Brant Bjork – Gods and Goddesses
Low Desert Punk – 2010
Waardering: *****

A setting sun, a warm wind and a cold beer. In the distance we see a coyote chasing after a roadrunner and a few lizards relaxing after a hard day’s work. Behind us we hear we the chilled out tunes of Gods and Goddesses, the new Brant Bjork record, and life is good. Unfortunately; its still winter in the Netherlands and its damn freakin cold. It seems like spring refuses to commence over here. Luckily; we have the sun-dried tones and wise words of Brant to warm our souls. What a master! And it seems like his mythical persona is ever growing and that he’s becoming an even bigger guru. Its his voice; his warm and complete matter of fact uttering. With his laid-back tunes he guides us through his tried rock method. A dash of Jimi Hendrix, a truckload of soul and funk, wise words which could also be uttered by Bob Marley and an attitude straight from the skater and surf community. And even though it only reminds us vaguely of what Kyuss did in the past; it still is, or maybe even more; archetypal stonerrock. Now; here’s me hoping spring will come to the Netherlands soon; so that we too may enjoy these great tunes of master Brant outside in the sun…

3 opmerkingen:

  1. OK,
    (Quote) Brant's the man!!
    but he get worse
    with every

  2. Not agreeing amigo; am thinking this is a freakin great album! Will definately be playing a lot of it when spring finally hits!