dinsdag 9 februari 2010

Automatic Sam – Hot Foot Oil

Automatic Sam – Hot Foot Oil
In Goat We Trust – 2009
Waardering: ****

It used to be Eindhoven Rockcity when it came to great Dutch rockmusic, but nowadays it seems Nijmegen has captured that flag and the hearts of the thoughtful listeners. Even though Automatic Sam doesn’t really hail from the city, they like to call it one of their bases. The foursome has, like those other fine bands from the region, a great honest and pure sound that goes back to the roots of rock ’n roll. The band shows for six songs long how you should perform rock music interwoven with blues, psychedelica and stoner as perfection. All songs are a testament to this statement and the album closes with an absolute beauty. The fourteen-minute When She Starts Singing is a true ode to all good things from rock! The slow and greasy groove builds slowly and calmly until exploding in brilliance! What an extraordinary record!

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