vrijdag 29 januari 2010

The Mad Trist – Pay The Piper

The Mad Trist – Pay The Piper
Waardering: ****

When The Mad Trist opened the Bospop festival in 2005; they did this for an almost empty tent. At the end of the show they had filled it and the band could look back on a very successful gig. It got even better when they told that they hadn’t even played ten gigs yet. With much anticipation I looked out for the debut-album; but that never came until last year when word arrived they had entered the studio under guidance of Torre Florim (De Staat). Last month finally saw the release of Pay The Piper. For the most part the album is filled with stonerpop which on occasion slows down or speeds up to rock a slightly bit dirtier. Torre’s hand is easily distinguishable and ofcourse we can name Queens of The Stone Age as their main influence. Och, what the hell; its just a fun record and a promise that we will see these gentlemen a lot during next festival-season. Above all, the fact that De Staat, Drive Like Maria and The Mad Trist made it through is good sign for the bands that are still waiting for the big break… Hooghwater, Shaking Godspeed, Bandito, Black Bottle Riot, Dead Man Running (They quit I just found out), Stonerfront Nijmegen, De Dam, Barbarella, Heist and we could continue on like this for quite some time… We’re from Holland, where the fuck you from?

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  1. Indeed, check them all out! And here is The Mad Trist - Pay The Piper!