woensdag 6 januari 2010

Hellfueled – Emission of Sins

Hellfueled – Emission of Sins
Black Lodge / Suburban – 2009
Waardering: ***

These four Swedish freaks started out under the somewhat too lovely name Firebug, before changing it to Hellfueled. Their fourth studio-album under this name is called Emission of Sins and starts out furiously before taking on a slightly more accessible form then we are used from them. Not that the entire record is filled with sing-a-longs or radio-friendly MOR-songs; but the rawness or earlier albums takes a backseat to melody and polished pieces more often. Ofcourse we can still hear Ozzy in the voice of the singer and the music does remind of Sabbath and Black Label Society; but much less then before. And that is always a good thing. Filled with awesome riffs and damn fine solo’s, Emission of Sins is a worthy record to keep you warm in these cold winter months. If they had only refrained from creating the pop-song ‘In Anger’…


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