donderdag 14 januari 2010

American Dog – Mean

American Dog – Mean
Bad Reputation – 2010
Waardering: ***

Six studio-albums already have the three cowboys of American Dog filled with their Down And Dirty rock, like they are only able to make in the south of America. (Even though they’re from Columbus, Ohio…) Heavy doses of blues interspersed among the metal and rock and lubricate it all with a truckload of beer and whisky. A steady driving rhythm and guitars that seem to rear like a Mustang. On Mean, cause that’s the name of the record, they continue this tradition. A tradition that started thanks to the demise of the band Hilljack at the end of the nineties. A tradition as much in debt to bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Nashville Pussy and ACDC but also Black Crowes and George Thorogood. Raw vocals and excellent guitarwork make sure one can enjoy this Southern Rock album for a long time and hopefully with cold beer. No innovation or experimentation, and we like it that way!

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  1. American Dog ! Mean!

    Did ya know they also released a very fine six track EP last summer?